Examinations at Carlani

We teach not only technique, but also instill the patience, courage and determination required to succeed as there are no instant results.

During rehearsing for exams Carlani provides a safe and controlled study environment, even going so far as offering students lodging and transport during this often stressful time. This removes a great part of the stress usually experienced by both parents and students alike.

With our great store of knowledge and the experience of successfully seeing a great many students through the exam process, Carlani Dance Studio makes it much easier for our students to focus on the examinations, and achieve pleasing results.

We ended the year on a glorious note with all our Grades and Majors once again achieving a 100% pass rate in the DASA examinations.
The Studio acknowledges the expertise and professionalism of the Examining Board and Directorate of the Dance Academy of South Africa and Theatre Dance Association (Cape Town).

Ballet Exams in Pretoria East

"At Carlani Dance Studio we create a positive atmosphere, alowing our Students to focus wholeheartedly on their yearly examinations"

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