Art and Culture
is the true measure of the inner self.

Dance is an Art

Dance is foremost and most important to myself - It taught me discipline, pride and respect for other people.

It educated me by making me aware of other art forms such as music and architecture, simply because ballet incorporates both.

Dance has the ability to revitalise and empower children, encouraging them to participate in a way that differs from any other field of learning.

Dance has the potential to release tension that manifests itself as trapped energy in the body.

Children growing up surrounded by violence become neurotic, tense and withdrawn.

When emotion is understood, and with its energies transferred into another channel, this emotion becomes a source of personal power.

Mental science is revealing more clearly the necessity for some form of creative art expressing for a healthy mental life.

Express your Passion

While dance has been seen primarily as a physical activity for recreation and entertainment, its potential for developing the intellect is largely overlooked. One of the most urgent requirements of education in the 21st century is that it prepare and equip children

  • for a life and living
  • for responding to and coping with change in an increasingly complex society
  • for being challenged by and learning from each experience
  • for being innovative, experimental, resourceful, self reliant, visionary and generative.

Every Student will achieve self-awareness and develop:

  • Creative abilities
  • Expressiveness - free movement, fantasy and imagination
  • Social skills
  • it is a healthy occupation, suited to physical development
  • it maps the mind end entrenches everlasting self-discipline
Lesta Erasmus is assisted by Ilani Wessels.

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